| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Shall we sympathize with politicians’ teary eyes?

If you ever come across a Lebanese weeping, don’t ask him about the reason behind it; just know that his tears will dwindle away as the strong triumph over the weakest…. But the greatest insolence is when the powerful tear, and the weak notice his tears, and sympathizes with him… Due to politicians’ tears, the Lebanese theater has witnessed a plethora of fantasia. Are these tears genuine, or are they crocodiles’ tears?

Yes, politicians in Lebanon are weeping and, believe it or not, they have feelings. Minister Raoul Nehme grieved for the victims of the Beirut bombing, and he is the same person who pressured the investigating judge to characterize the explosion as an accident so that insurance companies would compensate the victims. Former Prime Minister Siniora is weeping as well, despite the fact that he is out shopping in the streets of Switzerland, spending 11 billion at a time when bread and gasoline are in short supply. Now what about Prime Minister Mikati? The PM weeping over young people who are continuously seeking housing loan for marriage? Is it true that they’re trying to hide their terrible reality behind a veil of tears?

  • Sawt Beirut International