| 9 December 2022, Friday |

She ruined my wedding .. Sulaf Fawakherji reveals reason for her dispute with Karis Bashar

The Syrian artist, Sulaf Fawakherji, revealed the reason for her dispute with the Syrian artist, Karis Bashar, which extends for more than 22 years.
Via an interview on the “Al-Jadeed” channel, “Sulaf” said: The story of the dispute between me and Karis is not in her favour.
“Sulaf” explained that she was surprised by “Karis” and her friend attended her wedding, although they were not invited.
There was also a dispute between Karis and one of our close friends, who was among the guests.
And she continued: “Caris came and ruined my wedding, as if it had turned into a New Year’s party, and I was a bride waiting for the cake, and I was surprised that she was the one who brought the cake to her table, and she made her birthday at my wedding, and she is not my friend, and I do not know her, she took the sword I wanted to cut the cake with, to her table My mother was shivering and unpleasant words were said about her at the time. After what was said, social media sites were buzzing with the news.