| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

Sheikh Bahaa Hariri: I decided to enter the Lebanese political life

Since October 17, 2019, Lebanon has entered the tunnel of political change, and signs have begun to appear to everyone indicating that what was before this date is not the same as before.

Some compared the current period to the one that preceded the Taif Agreement and the entry of Martyr Prime Minister Rafik Bahaa Hariri into Lebanese political life, a stage that witnessed the return of confidence to the Lebanese markets thanks to the name Rafik Hariri, it seems that it is returning today with Sheikh Rafik Bahaa Hariri’s announcement of entering political life, according to what The National News newspaper confirmed, which prepared a report on Hariri’s announcement to launch the cross-sectarian Sawa Movement.

Bahaa Rafik Hariri’s position on what happened with the Gulf states is very clear because he considers that these relations are the basis for Lebanon’s return to the Arab embrace.

As for his position on Hezbollah, he said, “We will not compromise with a terrorist organization. Both Hezbollah and its weapons must be disbanded, everything about it must be dissolved.”

The upcoming parliamentary elections will be the first stop and the beginning of a new era of political freedom with Bahaa Rafik Hariri.

  • Sawt Beirut International