| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

Should I go to a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist?

Everyone we meet, including us is a person who accumulates in his subconscious mind a lot of burdens, problems, complexes, deposits, and even mental illnesses that he may know, be ignorant of, or ignore. The brave is the one who resorts to psychological science to get out the problems that lie within him… but where should he go? To a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist?

Dr. Nofal explains the difference between the two, without forgetting to explain the syndicate’s role in organizing this work.

He who suffers from problems and disorders is not insane, and he who resorts to a specialist is not weak, but rather the opposite, according to Dr. Nofal’s explanation.

Among the psychologist, psychiatrist, and motivational speaker, there are many specializations, and the goal is the same: better mental health for people.

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