| 9 February 2023, Thursday |

Sidon’s streets are invaded by stranger

From this Sidonian port, the sea salt bid farewell to many of those who had left the homeland for good, but from this particular shore, it came with its broken wing, asking for human mercy, as if it knew that the sun of the Sidonian was burning on his brow and the tides of generosity touched his land.

I arrived at Hajj Hassan on a quick visit, whose heart beating with love turned her into a permanent residence among the people of Sidon. Yes, love has wings, it flies and covers when it deserves.

The swan crosses the road, the Sidonians know it and it knows them, it visits the sea and does not leave, for the land has become its home.

There is no need anymore for a sign indicating the fish, for the swan is its sign and teacher, like the castle, the khan and the soap market… It has become a landmark for all Sidon.

The swan arrived in Sidon, as if it knew that with someone who would treat it, it would find a home that would treat it with a glance.


  • Sawt Beirut International