| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

“Siniora’s list in Beirut is fractured and fragmented”, says George Ghorra

The countdown to the parliamentary elections, which the expatriates will open after 3 days, on the 6th of May, has begun in the countries that adopt Friday as a weekly holiday, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria and Iraq, where attention began to turn to the extent of the embassies’ preparation for the election day, which comes after a massive wave of Lebanese immigration, which followed the worst economic collapse that neither the current parliament nor successive governments were able to curb.

To view this file, join us by phone, VDL NEWS Editor-in-Chief, Mr. George Ghorra
1. Professor George, good evening. Could you tell us about the general election in Beirut? Especially since President Fouad Siniora supported the position of Mufti Derian to participate extensively in the voting process?
2. How do you read the electoral movement in the countries of expatriation in light of the recent rumors about attempts to obstruct it for fear of its consequences?
3. Does the general atmosphere suggest a positive change in the elections?


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