| 28 May 2022, Saturday |

Staff elections… Rehearsal before the big day

It’s their first day to implement the voting process. The employees of the public official departments are voting today, and after two days they are monitoring the voting. The problem is that many of them did not know how to complete the election process, and they the ones who are supposed to teach the citizens on the big day.
The violations were not very serious, according to the election supervisors
However, the problem of not including the names on the delisting lists, was not resolved by calling the hotline.
The fire brigade in Karantina witnessed the voting of more than sixty percent of the employees until three thirty in the afternoon. A percentage that won the admiration of the Minister of the Interior, who attended to inspect the entiltement rehearsal. A percentage that may make the ministry’s task difficult, which has faced many criticisms, the latest of which is the management of the wife of a leader in the Free Patriotic Movement for the expatriate elections, even though she is not an employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Sectarian and partisan quotas that make it easier for these people to get a job, reveal the results for each team. As for the independent employees, they have their eyes on the portraits of the port explosion victims, The names of those who were killed call for accountability by confronting the system at the polls.