| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

State retirees.. years of work evaporated

Retired from education,

Standing in line to get the rest of the paycheck,
Four decades of working in the service of the state summed up in a card,
Sociology professor deposited his course balance in his students’ account
Retirement today gave him an account with no credit.

Links of public administrations and bodies under one roof of demands,
The apartment in which they met, like all Lebanese homes, reflects the deprivation of the human right to life.

The partisanship in their ranks prevented a single voice from delivering what they demanded.
They seek to transcend political affiliations after falling into the eyes of many of them.

The public sector is going to collapse if its employees continue to be ignored.
Employees who left public facilities and administrations after the state left them to their fate.

The authority resigned from many roles before a critical test, the results of which determine the survival of the state or its non-existence.
Employees will one day take to the streets, even if they are politically divided.
they say here,
The agenda of securing the livelihood of their children is more important than implementing the partisan agendas of the wise.

  • Sawt Beirut International