| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

The 10 months baby waiting for two million $ to stay alive

The needle of life ”… it is what the child Mila  needs to overcome the death that lurks over her, but its high cost prevents her family from being able to buy it, as its price is two million and 125 thousand dollars. A small part of the amount is secured, and the largest part remains, according to what her mother told the correspondent of “Voice of Beirut International,” Rabih Shanatif, “Mila suffers from muscular atrophy that affects her life, and treatment of the disease is insured in Dubai, and she needs it as soon as she reaches the age of two years and is now 10 months old.” She added, “Day after day. She suffers more, she can no longer breathe well and digest food. Mila needs a Zolgenisma needle ,it is expensive,  as her mother said, “because it contains the genes that the patient lacks.” And she added, “When the needle is received, the disease fades and she begins to improve over time and becomes like the rest of the children.

Mila has two brothers, and the family was happy to have her after ten years of waiting, and her mother said, “$ 220,000 has been secured from the amount, which is only 10 percent of the cost of treatment, and since the Lebanese state does not provide anything to its citizens, I appeal to the UAE and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the fact that the cure is available in his honorable country,  in order to save my daughter’s life, and those righteous who can help me to secure treatment, and anyone who wants to help me can contact me via phone number 71232308 to know the details and donate to her treatment

She added, “Our economic situation is relatively good, but the medical sum is very large and I cannot secure it on my own. We need a certain party to help us secure treatment for it as soon as possible.” “I always think of the worst, especially when I see her unable to breathe, and unable to live like other children,” explains Mila’s mother, “but people’s support for me keeps me together and increases my hope of securing treatment for her.

About resorting  to the media to support her in her ordeal, Mila’s mother said, “My message must be spread to the whole world, to secure treatment, and the media is the only way to be able to spread my message. About Mila’s health condition, her mother said, “Mila can interact, but her interaction will diminish over time, because every action she takes needs muscles, if it is laughing or talking, so if the treatment is not safe, she will not be able to do anything.” She added, “Until the treatment is secured, she must persevere with physical therapy to move her body, and this matter is covered by the Sisobel Association.