| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

The budget has been settled.. the state of settlements without accounts

It is not the first session to be held on an invalid basis. The authority in the country did not subject the budget to legal principles, but rather proceeded with it on the basis of the settlements law legislated by its pillars, and on the impact of movements abroad, many of the budget’s items were amended at home.

Discipline is no longer included in the retired military’s calculations. The failure to include their rights has made them lose consideration for the presence of current military colleagues, storming the checkpoints of their comrades, making amendments to the budget items.
Amendments that do not return what they eat from their salaries, but rather alleviate the hunger that knocked on their doors
Soldiers who fall under the retired banner are strong in organizing their movements, movements whose pace and danger may escalate towards the authority that is guarded by the military body.

Public sector employees cannot be left to their fate any more, say parliamentary sources.
Gradually abandoning public utilities, his fate is known.
It is the declaration of the elimination of the sector.

The rights of public sector employees to improve their salaries are not in the authority’s budget calculations.
Closing the doors in the face of large segments of society may open the gates of escalation wide.
A portal that may begin by storming the official premises.
And it may not end with the announcement of its downfall if the efforts of the current military combined with the retired ones.

  • Sawt Beirut International