| 2 March 2024, Saturday |

“The cassette”… an unforgettable memory

Time has passed in front of this small shop in Spears, and its days are gone forever robbing a phenomenon that was at its height in the 1990s, the merciless ferment of technology for the heritage of the professions.

The heat of selling cassettes has been extinguished by the digital transformation.

The dust of days has hidden its history, and few people force Naji to dust off the past to bring back the memory of a time described as beautiful.

The cylinder of technological progress does not go back, and the cylinders of fine art have become a decoration or have joined the collectors of heritage.
The modern era deafened the ears of the world from listening to many artists, and many of those who impersonated art quickly became extinct in the post-cassette era. As for the night concert scene in this era, it is full of impersonators of rapture, but rather those who seek the decline of art more and more.

Buddhist Vaughan, located in Zkak El Balat, was the destination for artists, composers, singers and production companies.
The tape of time stopped with all these, and the tapes were buried in a box with no need to archive its content.
All songs on these tapes are large, but now available on slides smaller than the size of the cassette itself.
Store owner Nazih Dia finds it difficult to verbally express to the camera.
A dream that was not hampered by internecine wars was decimated by a single battle called technology.

The Internet ended the era of cassettes and CDs, and closed the doors of the largest art production companies. Not only did the digital transformation fold that page, but the name of art deteriorated due to declining productions, but the rapid spread made it popular.


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