| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

The customs dollar… no one understands anything!

The customs state is a new method devised by the political authority in order to introduce more money into its vault, a perforated safe that leaks money into the pockets of officials and deprives the citizen of his white penny.

This citizen, who has become fragile, sick, poor, humiliates every day in order to obtain the lowest of his rights, surrenders his command to God, and he has no power to ask what is the meaning of the customs dollar because the ruler of his order in this country does not care what will happen if the customs are lifted

The imposition of the customs dollar will inevitably have a significant impact on society and the citizens’ purchasing power. Contrary to what officials say that basic commodities will not be covered by the increase, many question marks are raised about the work of the regulatory authorities and their ability to control the merchants who anticipate the decision and started raising the prices of commodities.

So, in a country where the authority does not tire and does not get tired of searching for sources to finance its pocket, and of course by stealing the citizen’s pocket, as for the social explosion, it is inevitable at the first moment this law is approved.

  • Sawt Beirut International