| 23 May 2024, Thursday |

The government file falters

After the government’s file has returned to the zero, Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati is still waiting before making his final decision to apologize or continue, and he refused to enter into a sparring with the President of the Republic, as he mentioned in response to the statement of the Republican Palace, which did not aim the arrows of obstruction at Mikati and did not close the door with him either. Informed sources told SBI that Mikati informed those who called him yesterday that Basil does not want a government.

The sources stated that the obstruction was caused by the President of the Republic’s insistence on naming the 12 ministers who would represent Christians in the government, and that the Director General of the Republican Palace conveyed to Mikati the President’s remarks on the proposed formation and a list of a hidden blocking third. The 12 names included, including party names that belong to the Free Patriotic Movement, and he did not take any of the names that Mikati had proposed, who returned with an alternative list and with new names. According to the information, Aoun’s position was not limited to Christian ministers. For example, during the circulation of a name for the Ministry of the Interior, who is a Sunni. President Aoun rejected every name close to Hariri, and this is what happened when Mikati suggested Judge Hani Hilmi Al-Hajjar, who is close to Hariri and a current advisor to the Prime Minister. Aoun also rejected Franjieh’s proposed name for communications, Maurice Douaihy. And what the official statement issued by Baabda did not say to us, sources close to the President of the Republic told us, holding Mikati responsible for the changes that took place in the names, and that he was the one who put fierce vetoes on some of the names proposed by President Aoun, on the pretext that they are partisans while they are technocrats, as Baabda sources say.        What is meant here is technocrats, according to what we learned Salim Jreissati, who was initially proposed by Aoun to the portfolio of justice. Then when Mikati rejected him, Judge Joel Fawaz, the wife of Judge Henri Helou, who is known for her closeness to the Free Patriotic Movement, suggested that Mikati also rejected her on the pretext that she consults Jreissati in all matters, as Baabda sources say, and Aoun insisted. Ali Pierre Khoury for Energy, one of the current advisors in the ministry.

Informed sources revealed to SBI that, before traveling to Cyprus, the army commander sent a delegation from him who met the current officials and informed them that the aggravation of the crisis may develop into popular chaos as happened in the past days, and in the absence of any solution, he will have to withdraw the army members to the barracks. And let the politicians manage their affairs with the people.

  • Sawt Beirut International