| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

The governments of most failed, during the strong covenant.

It is the strong covenant with all its failures, it is even the strongest in registering the largest number of weak governments and vacancies.

Since the election of General Michel Aoun as President of the Republic on October 2016 and till now, the strong era has witnessed four identical governments, regarding quotas, low productivity and disagreements. Lebanon has not once enjoyed a mini-government of specialists with an emergency reform agenda.

This strong covenant witnessed also, frustrated formation. After Mustafa Adeeb was designated on 31/8/2020, he apologized after 27 days. He did not reach agreement to form the government, and the same thing happened with Saad Hariri, who apologized 267 days after his assignment on 22/10/2020

As for caretaking, the strong era also witnessed the longest period in Lebanon’s history. The government of Hassan Diab, which resigned on 10/8/2020, remained in a “recovery” period of 366 days. The government of Saad Hariri which resigned, and remained for 255 days,
and the government of 2018, which lasted 75 days, to the government of Najib Mikati, which was formed on September 10 and is distinguished by its ministers.

One of them talks about frogs, the second about the suppression of freedoms, and the third about diapers, so let’s hope for the best!