| 21 May 2024, Tuesday |

The Gulf unites against Hezbollah, and Macron’s envoy refuses to meet with any official in the Free Patriotic Movement

As the Gulf position on Lebanon is gradually escalating, the last of which was the unified statement of the Gulf Cooperation Council, which demanded that Lebanon prevent Hezbollah from carrying out terrorist operations and carry out reforms, in a manner that dedicates what Lebanon must do to restore its relationship with its Arab surroundings and to obtain aid not only from Saudi Arabia but from all The Gulf states, along with Egypt as well, while the President of the Republic’s request to hold a session of the Council of Ministers did not meet with those who attended, echoes in response to this call.

The Elysee delegate, Pierre Dukan, continued his meetings in Lebanon, the last of which was a dinner at the home of the former economic advisor to the President of the Republic, Fadi Al-Asali, to exchange views and ideas on the Lebanon crisis in all its aspects. SBI learned that Dukan checked more than once from the list of those invited to the dinner, refusing to meet with any official in the Free Patriotic Movement, and he accepted the invitation after verifying that Asli is no longer an advisor in the Republican Palace, as well as the former minister Raed Khoury, who was also present at the meeting, as well as the former minister Melhem Riachy, former MP Naama Afram, Nicolas Shammas, and MTV CEO Michel Murr also drew attention to the presence of the British ambassador.

Dukan’s decision not to meet Basil or any of the FPM is in the same context that prompted him not to visit the presidential palace after France, according to information, considers that the President of the Republic is incapable of deciding any of the basic political and economic reform issues. According to the gathered sources, Dukan reiterated the necessity of signing the contract with the International Monetary Fund and the obligation to convene the Council of Ministers, without being aware of the pitfalls that await the agreement with the Fund in the House of Representatives, based on the positions of the blocs on some of the Fund’s conditions, foremost of which is the Hezbollah bloc.

While Dukan stressed in his speech on the economic problem, reiterating that the only available solution is through the IMF, he heard from some of the attendees that the solution can only be political, and the crisis in Lebanon will not end with economic treatment alone.

  • Sawt Beirut International