| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

The history book in Lebanon is a big lie, this is what you Lebanese are forbidden to know

At a time the French Ministry of Education introduced the August 4th explosion incident to its school curricula, our students are still studying about the battle of Marj Dabiq, the significance of Mrs. Nasab “Tarator” and the extreme mental or emotional stress of the wife of the Crown Prince of Austria after he had been murdered.

The history book in Lebanese schools is one of the biggest results of the intellectual occupation on Lebanon. It is the result of the victory of the Syrian custody over us through geography. History was imposed on us and the principle of “history written is by the victors” or rather the occupiers was applied. What is behind this intellectual occupation?

No matter how much they manipulate the history books, what engraved in the conscience will remain stronger than what is written on paper. The Ministry of Education should move as soon as possible to work on drafting a new, realistic and correct book, because it seems clear that not only the future is at risk in Lebanon, but the past as well.

  • Sawt Beirut International