| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

The last one in Lebanon

Perhaps we will only have the past left to live in. The present is painful and the future has no effect on our daily calculations. Our past, woven with threads of gold, interconnected with each other by love and the strength of love, as a silence of nostalgia that we repeat and hear to our hanging pictures, and only we remain here and we are fading away. And from our creative past, a profession that the rentier economy has eliminated and kept by loyalty, the last of the heirs, the heirs of family history, the heirs of the largest share of the splendor of belonging to the land. Nazih Baz, who is rooted in the land of the Chouf, is fluent in the profession of the joy of memories, the profession of the loom, he is like a weaving shuttle, does not rest, does not get tired, it continues until the last thread of the soul.

Nazih keeps in his gallery all that is from the era of black and white, coloring them with feelings of nostalgia, making them a rainbow of stitched gowns and designs.
Al-Hayek remains standing behind the machine. Sitting is not a characteristic of those who are skilled in the profession. He stands weaving memory after memory.

It is true who said that the Hayek shuttle does not rest, so it is an honest man who works day and night with uninterrupted threads.

  • Sawt Beirut International