| 27 May 2024, Monday |

The Lebanese people fight starvation with Falafel

While food prices soar in the markets amid the loss of most of them due to the inability of the Lebanese to buy them, the economic crisis deprived the Lebanese of healthy food and changed the course of their lives, until many dishes disappeared from their tables. Only the falafel sandwich struggles with the outrageous price of its raw materials so that the newly poor continue to eat it.

Abu Yousef, the owner of a falafel store, told the correspondent of “Sawt Beirut International” Ibrahim Fatfat, “We sell sandwiches for 4,000 liras, and those who do not have money we sell it for them for 3,000 liras”.

Abu Youssef prefers to reduce his price to help the poor of Tripoli to satisfy the hunger of their children after the living crisis has approached the beginning of the real famine. Abu Youssef pointed out, “Since the seventies of the last century, I have been working in the shop at that time. I would sell the four pills for 12 thousand pounds, while I was selling twenty pills for a thousand pounds.”

Abu Youssef stressed that if the situation worsens, he will not be able to continue, as profit goes to gas, oil and other technical matters.

It is the collapse that left the citizens helpless in the face of the cruelty of the attempt to survive. Only the political authority is sitting in its lofty heights, leaving its people to starve to death.

  • Sawt Beirut International