| 24 April 2024, Wednesday |

The middle class… does it exist today?

More than two million Lebanese from the middle class, whose economic, social and cultural construction took a century, and which neither civil wars nor enemy and friendly invasions have survived, have joined or are about to join the cycle of poverty.

Today, Lebanon is on the verge of joining once and for all the hell of socially polarized countries between an outrageously wealthy minority and an overwhelming majority of the deprived, after it was able, thanks to its middle class, to maintain its position among those afflicted countries and stable, socially and class-balanced countries.

Today, is the middle class completely destroyed in Lebanon?

The challenge today, then, is to include middle-class restoration at the heart of any general socio-economic plan, whether it is called a recovery plan or otherwise. It is because of the middle class that the economic system is solid, because it is the basis of modern society socially, financially and economically. Societies usually try to increase the size of the middle class because the disappearance of this class indicates the failure of economic policies in any country.
It is true that the poor are the largest group in society, but their purchasing power is low, while the rich are few, so the middle class plays the main role in moving the economy because it is the most consuming, and once this class is eliminated, state finances will inevitably be eliminated.

  • Sawt Beirut International