| 16 April 2024, Tuesday |

The state is stealing the expatriates

Remittance inflows are projected to reach $7 billion this year, and Lebanon is among the Arab world’s top recipient countries in terms of remittances as percentage of GDP. These inflows help in reviving the collapsed economy experienced in the country.

Expatriates have always been Lebanon’s economic lever, the latest support they provided was the financial aids after the blast of the Beirut Port on August 4.

The Lebanese state was not satisfied with stealing residents to supply the bankrupted state treasury by lifting subsidies and raising the mobile phone bill soon, as it does not leave a channel but to exploit it, and it finally reached the pockets of the expatriates.

Everyone is aware of the challenges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs facing to pay ambassadors’ salaries in dollars and leasing fees of the headquarters. The treasury is bankrupted, so why not to steal from expatriates and increase the price of passports before the holidays and when registering for elections. Two suitable opportunities to raise the price.

The price of a ten-year passport has exceeded $300 in Kuwait, $272 in UAE, $600 in Saudi Arabia, $588 in Britain, $100 in France, and $500 in Los Angeles:

Adjusting the payment of PCR test fees, is also a kind of theft, as starting from January 10, passengers must pay $30 in advance by credit card exclusively via the electronic platform to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Public Health that allows them to conduct a PCR examination upon arrival at the airport.

More than 80,000 expatriates came to Lebanon during the holidays, despite all circumstances, the state knows very well that their weak point is Lebanon and their families, so why not take advantage of them!

  • Sawt Beirut International