| 17 April 2024, Wednesday |

The tariff added another queue… Transmission is missing

Only one operation that exceeds its specified time can disrupt the daily work of the workers here. One moment spanning minutes, all devices were down. The technology expires before the transmission is interrupted.

Huge transmitters turn junk on a daily basis for hours. Not feeding it with electricity loses its effectiveness and feasibility. As well as the inability to maintain it more often. The state announced that its entire infrastructure was under the authority of private generator subscriptions.
Malfunctions also resulting from the instability of the generator electricity also prevented citizens from making normal communication, and therefore inevitably not benefiting from the WhatsApp communication.
Private companies that provide internet are also connected to state exchanges.
The state itself, which lacks communication between its components and is completely cut off from communicating with its subjects.
The transmission is cut off or intermittent in many Lebanese regions, a reality that reflects the state of separation of the network of the people coexisting with the collapse from the network of the authority, which is unable to lay down any broad lines for any rescue plan.

  • Sawt Beirut International