| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

The Tripoli kaake elected in the Metn district

The Tripoli kaake is similar to Lebanon, varied, rich, “good enough” from the kindness of the heart of this wonderful people. It is the long-suffering from the inventory that befits her land, the size of the sun, the elegance of the night, the part of Sannine, and the glory of Falugha. He borrowed from Tripoli, far in the distance of geography and very close, very close to the blood of history, he borrowed the cake and turned it into a profitable “business” in Lebanon and the Arab countries, Fadi Sayah, the voice of the preferential success

Fadi refuses to surrender to the fait accompli, and declares it a clear and unambiguous war to withstand the crisis.

The tuktuk travels between one region and another, providing a variety of kaak for those who craves. The lesson is the ten bread and salt, and the “full” people are love.

The Tripoli kaake has moved to the Metn, and to all of Lebanon.

  • Sawt Beirut International