| 2 December 2022, Friday |

They are left to a black fate.. The harbor explosion is a daily memory that does not leave them

Things got tight in the Veronique family. The explosion disturbed her mother. There is no place for more and no need for food aid. Veronique needs someone to help her with her case to support her family.

The explosion of the fourth of August displaced those who were in these homes. The state rented them out of the area where they collected their memories for a year. The deadline has expired, and the residents who were not compensated by the state have not returned. The mayor of the region here is forbidden to speak by order of the Minister of Interior
And access to the High Relief Commission needs relief.

The gate of return to many homes is closed, the features of the disaster remain, with its repercussions and warnings, and among the calamities there are benefits for brokers, and others appeal to the world to return the families to the wounded neighborhood.

The explosion of the harbor shook the conscience of the world, but it did not stir the pockets of those concerned to compensate the residents of these houses, compensation that they do not want with money, but by providing medical treatment for wounds that are still bleeding until now.

  • Sawt Beirut International