| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

They land the walls over young people’s heads and sketch on them

In Lebanon, the situation is black and white. As for the spirit of the youth in this country, it is in the colors of the revolution of thought and spirit.  Just as our cities’ walls bore witness to wars and shrapnel holes, they also bear witness to the “crawls” of Lebanon’s youth’s mad awareness, who draw the most beautiful ideas for nation-building from the ugliness of the ruins.

Meet Fouad, the rebel with graffiti. Get to know Fouad, the rebel with graffiti weapons, who specializes in a different field, in the formal dress behind the office during the day, other than Fouad, who takes off the official skin and wears the open air in a dress worthy of the graffiti life.

Fouad covers the ugliness of what the hands of war and neglect have made, perhaps one day the patchwork will end and the building will replace it.
They land on us walls and we paint on them hope.

  • Sawt Beirut International