| 19 May 2024, Sunday |

To President Aoun: Hiding facts’ rope, short!

Relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia can return to normal, as there are some parties in Lebanon, who are keen on these relations, and do not want Lebanon to lose its Arab depth, even its affiliation and identity.

The Arab countries in general and the Gulf states in particular are keen on Lebanon, and they want it to continue as a distinguished model in the region. Based on the information that has spread today in Beirut, there is an anticipation of some Arab, and perhaps Gulf step, that will restore the link between Lebanon and the Arabs, and Patriarch Rahi’s visit to Egypt, falls within this framework.

On the other hand, there are officials who are stubborn and want to uproot Lebanon from its surroundings and isolate it, in preparation for linking it to the axis of resistance, which is in its depth an Iranian axis, that only believes in continuous wars, and spreading the culture of violence and death instead of the culture of prosperity, development and life.

Among the most prominent officials who want to link Lebanon to the Iranian axis is President Michel Aoun. What he said yesterday to the Italian newspaper Repubblica indicates a desire to strike Lebanon’s relations with its Arab surroundings. Aoun stressed that what Hezbollah is doing is not terrorism, and that the party has no influence on the internal security reality of the Lebanese.

Of course, the president’s positivity is nice, but it is not based on any reality. Did Aoun forget the assassination of Rafik Hariri, the liquidation of Luqman Slim, and the execution of Samer Hanna? Did he forget to surround deputies in homes and hotels? Did he forget Hezbollah’s terrorist cells that were discovered in a number of Arab countries? If all of these are not terrorism, then what is terrorism? From here, an appeal to President Aoun.

As long as you do not want to remember what Hezbollah committed against the Lebanese and Arabs, it is better not to make press statements after today. The sun is shining bright, and people all over the world are seeing well, and hiding the truth’s rope, is very, very short.

  • Sawt Beirut International