| 19 April 2024, Friday |

To stay in presidential and government palaces at all costs!!

Where does Hezbollah want to drag Lebanon and the Lebanese? A question drawn by irresponsible officials! In Beirut, the Arab Islamic National Conference was held, in which Hezbollah participated through its deputy secretary-general, Naim Qassem, as well as the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh.

It is noteworthy that the two men spoke as if they were responsible for Lebanon and the Lebanese, not the Lebanese state! Haniyeh spoke in his speech about the unity of the squares and the resistance fronts, without asking himself or anyone whether the Lebanese state wants to turn its lands into an arena of opposition, or to turn its people as human shields in order to defend the resistance fronts?

The same position was shared by Sheikh Naim Qassem, who affirmed to Haniyeh that the party is in its strongest stages with the allies in Palestine and with the axis of resistance.

How can Qassem allow himself to define Lebanon in a certain axis? Is he the President of the Republic of Lebanon or the prime minister of his government in order to define his regional orientations and strategic options? The issue here is no longer related to a political position, but rather to hegemony over the state’s decision and to take positions on it. How can the “strong president” be satisfied with that? And how does the caretaker prime minister remain silent about the blatant infringement of a fundamental prerogative of the state?

Or is everything allowed as long as the party supported the Free Patriotic Movement in the elections and prevented it from falling resoundingly, and as long as the Yellow Party is also behind Mikati’s return to the Grand Serail as a designated president? Is Lebanon offered for sale and purchase by Michel Aoun and Najib Mikati? Which is more important to them, in your opinion: Lebanon’s sovereignty and dignity, or staying in the Baabda Palace and the Governmental Serail… and whatever the price?!