| 15 June 2021, Tuesday | النسخة العربية

Tourists are saving Lebanon

Sawt Beirut International correspondent, Ghida Jebeili, reported the remarkably large number of expatriates and tourists ‎in Rafic Hariri International Airport, proving that the tourism sector is always the savior of the economic and financial situation in the country.

According to what the director of Rafic Hariri International Airport, Fadi al-Hassan, conformed to Sawt Beirut International correspondent, ‎ “the percentage of non-Lebanese arrivals and tourists has increased by about 30 percent over the past months, which means entering hard currency and reviving the economic cycle”.

“The largest percentage of tourists are coming from Iraq, followed by Turkey. As for the number of aircraft coming from European countries, it is very little, noting that some countries that have yet not opened their airports due to the pandemic”, al-Hassan explained.

Al-Hassan stressed that despite the emergence of the Indian Corona mutant in some countries, Rafic Hariri International Airport will not close its doors, but rather measures will be taken, as the Ministry of Health will allocate accommodations for people coming from Brazil and India, and Corona tests will be conducted to ensure that they are not infected with the mutated virus.

An Egyptian doctor who came to Lebanon said to Saw Beirut International that he visits Lebanon frequently since 12 years ago to give lectures. “Last time I visited Lebanon was two months ago, and I noticed that despite all the circumstances the people are still holding together, and I think that tourism will improve this summer. There is no alternative to Lebanon. It is irreplaceable”, he said.

Another Egyptian tourist confirmed that he visits Lebanon permanently, while an Iraqi said, “The Lebanese people are comfortable, they do not interfere with others, plus I love the Lebanese Sea.” An Iraqi said that she is visiting Lebanon for both, tourism and treatment.