| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

Traders urge Lebanese state to combat drug smuggling

The repercussions of drug smuggling into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are still playing out. In this regard, businessman and economic expert Dr. Bassem Al Bawab called on the concerned officials to act in order to stop this scourge, fearing for what is left of the deteriorating national economy.

“The Saudi decision which bans imports of fruits and vegetables or their transit through the Kingdom towards Gulf countries has undoubtedly negative repercussions on Lebanese farmers, and therefore, on the Lebanese economy as a whole,” Dr. Al Bawab said, adding “we export fruits and vegetables to Gulf countries in tens of millions of dollars annually.”

In an interview with Sawt Beirut International (SBI) reporter Mahasen Morsel, Al Bawab said “it is feared that the decision may be just the beginning for banning other things,” noting that “all countries face such cases which would be unacceptable if recurrent.”

“If the Saudi decision is also applied on industry and trade, then it will be the big disaster with hundreds of millions of dollars inflicted in losses. Lebanon’s exports amount to nearly 4 billion dollars per annum and this number might increase because the cost of labor has become cheap, so we hope that the Lebanese authorities will deal with the matter immediately.”

Things are becoming tougher day after day. The Lebanese state is required to act reasonably and strictly with regards to anything that undermines the Arab states’ security and the national economy.