| 18 October 2021, Monday |

Tripoli Film Festival, a glimmer of light in the darkness of the city

Despite the darkness that grips Lebanon, a glimmer of light emerges from Tripoli, the capital of culture, through the “Tripoli Film Festival” in its seventh edition.

The films in the House of Art in Tripoli are for 17 Lebanese and non-Lebanese directors, whose films were selected by a jury composed of specialists, according to the founder and director of the festival, Elias Khallat.

“Curfew” directed by Amir Ramsis, was the first movie to be screened, and the last movie screened was the Lebanese movie “My Mother” directed by Wissam Geagea.

The short film “My Mother” scored 7 international awards and more than 20 international participations. It was a late guest in Lebanon because of “Corona” and this is its second show after the “Batroun Festival.”

The story stems from a personal experience, which is the death of the director’s mother at the age of 4, and narrates the divine and religious relationship when the dearest people are lost and in pain.

The environment is Christian and the content is related to the Christian faith. How did the global and Arab public interact with it?

The film contains anger against God’s will as heralded by various religions, and contains violent scenes such as the smashing of Saint Mary’s body, so why was it criticized?

Tripoli is really amazing with its festivals, steadfastness, and defiance of injustice and poverty!