| 18 April 2024, Thursday |

“Used and Outlet clothes”: the new source of fashion!

“Prestige, elegance, arrangement and fashion” This is what the Lebanese are accustomed to. Luxury stores were an inescapable destination by the end of every month and at any occasion, but the stifling economic crisis forced them to change their habits… Clothing has become a luxury!

“Not every Lebanese dispenses with his obsession with fashion, clothes, and fashion, as austerity in this thing is forbidden.”

As for the alternative, it was the “used and Outlet” markets that combine used clothing and “microfiber” international brands, which have become witnessing a heavy demand from all classes and groups.

On the other hand, it seems that the black market dollar does not have mercy on the owners of these shops either, as merchants import these goods in dollars or euros. After pricing it in pounds, they add to it the cost of operating the shop and the salaries of the employees.

Despite everything, the insistence on staying fashionable among the Lebanese is an obsession that is difficult to get rid of.

  • NNA