| 20 April 2024, Saturday |

What are the countries that allow Lebanese passport holders to enter without a visa?

The cedar tree which was selected as an emblem to the Lebanese flag in the Residence des Pins, is no longer the same, neither in the Bcharre cedar reserve, which has been harmed severely due to pruning actions, nor it is the same on the Lebanese flag, which has been replaced by the colors of the iridescent parties, nor is it the same on the shameful passport at airport checkpoints.

The utmost ambition of the Lebanese has become an effective second passport that he adorns with the Lebanese passport In Instagram Stories. What are the countries that still receive us with the Lebanese passport without a “Visa”?!

In addition to these countries, there are other countries whose visas are easier than others, so what are they?

The Lebanese “passport” is like the Lebanese, elegant in appearance but incapable of action.

The Lebanese desire to change the cedar on the passport with the US eagle, or the Australian “kangaroo”, or the Canadian leaf, or any other slogan that keeps him away from Hell until further notice.

  • Sawt Beirut International