| 25 February 2024, Sunday |

What happened to the French Buses?!

Even the “begging” buses are forbidden to the Lebanese, we rejoiced and cheered with the glimmer of light in the midst of this darkness, but it seems that the light is forbidden to our eyes.

This scene of countries on another planet is forbidden for us to see, as we do not deserve to be classified among the category of peoples, we do not have the right to the luxury of citizenship, we do not deserve a decent standard of life.

Public transport buses provided by the French state are parked, rusted instead of people, consumed by time, and driven by indifference. Why this neglect? And when we win the “Favor” for free?

Buses can solve traffic problems and save the citizen from burning pockets of gasoline and burning nerves on the roads, but it is forbidden for the citizen to rest!

Shared transportation in Lebanon is non-existent, like the absence of the state. We rely on private sector buses, as they are like our past and present, even if we have a future.

There are no railways in Lebanon, no tramways, and no shared buses. It seems that the rest is being postponed for a purpose in the same country!


  • Sawt Beirut International