| 29 February 2024, Thursday |

What is electoral silence? And to what extent is it committed?

The period of tumultuous electoral campaigns, including rallies, statements, posters, banners, festivals, and television and radio interviews, is coming to an end. After a few days, Lebanon will enter a phase of electoral silence.

Article 78 of Election Law No. 44 issued on June 17, 2017, stipulates that, starting from zero hours on the day before the parliamentary elections, and until the closing of the polls, all media outlets are prohibited from broadcasting any advertisement, propaganda or direct electoral appeal. Except for what is difficult to avoid in terms of sound or image when directly covering the electoral process.

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections – LADE, recorded irregularities in the 2018 parliamentary elections.
In addition, the Election Supervisory Board specified, in a statement, the periods of electoral silence on the fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, eleventh, twelfth and fourteenth of May.
So, electoral silence, a stage during which voters are alone to choose their candidates without outside influences…


  • Sawt Beirut International