| 19 April 2024, Friday |

What shall be done so that Rafik Hariri is not assassinated twice!

Seventeen years have passed since February 14, 2005. On that day, those iniquitous and wicked people decided to kill Rafik Hariri, as they believed at that time that killing Rafik Hariri would destroy his project, and would lead citizens to lose hope in Lebanon. But they had failed to achieve what they had planned for. As a result of his assassination the Syrian forces left Lebanon, and a second independence has blossomed. But the main hindrance was that those who received Rafik Hariri’s torch did not realize that eliminating the Syrian presence in Lebanon is not the sole challenge.

Hezbollah has been preparing for many years to build its own state, and it was waiting for the right time to remove the mask and show its true plan. Thus, as soon as the Syrian guardianship ceased, Hezbollah’s real state appeared, and everyone realized that Lebanon had entered its era. Instead of making a decision to confront the coup against the state, compromises and settlements became the norm, and satisfying Hezbollah became the adopted policy.

Even in the international trial and accusing Hezbollah and its members for carrying out the assassination, there was compromises. The situation was not as much as the crime and the decision was not as much as the infernal plan. Today, on the 17th anniversary of the assassination of Rafik Hariri, the decision must be clear.

It is forbidden for Hariri’s blood to go in vain. Just as it was the reason for the Syrian’s exit from Lebanon, it should be the starting point for building a sovereign state, and this cannot be achieved by the presence of Hezbollah’s state within the Lebanese state. It is the Lebanese’s challenge and everyone who wants to follow the path of martyred Prime Minister, and not to have Rafik Hariri been assassinated twice!

  • Sawt Beirut International