| 22 February 2024, Thursday |

What will Sunni voters do following Mufti Derian’s sermon?

In the few days leading up to the parliamentary elections, the most prominent question that arises is what will the Sunni voter do and whether he will answer Mufti Daryan’s call to vote massively, or will he abide by the boycott decision that officials in the Future Movement remind daily.

There is no doubt that the words of the Mufti in the Eid sermon and his stress that the elections are the opportunity to achieve change, warning of the danger of refraining from participating in this entitlement, are words that come in the same context as the position of the Mufti when he called for massive participation in the elections after the decision of President Saad Hariri’s decision to suspend political work with his current and refuse to run and support any candidate. If the position of the highest Sunni religious authority has not changed, it is taking a gradual form with the approaching date of maturity. The Mufti’s speech is accompanied by an atmosphere about the beginning of a change among the Sunni voter in terms of being convinced of the necessity of participation for fear that the boycott will benefit Hezbollah and its allies.

On the other hand, the movement of the Future Movement does not seem helpful in this regard. It was reported in recent days that Prime Minister Saad Hariri will visit Beirut after Eid al-Fitr and will have a speech, and some asserted that he might call for leaving freedom for his supporters, each in his region, without calling for direct participation. This scenario was linked to talk about a visit that Hariri might pay to Saudi Arabia before Beirut.

But when the visit to Riyadh did not take place, this atmosphere dissipated. It was remarkable the position of the General Coordinator of the Media in the Future Movement after the position of Mufti Derian, adhering to Hariri’s decision to suspend political work, and affirming adherence to the decision not to participate as an option not to secure a legitimate cover for Hezbollah in the polls.


  • Sawt Beirut International