| 24 September 2022, Saturday |

Which democracy will prevail amid Hezbollah’s weapons?

After being for thirty years the Parliament Speaker, will Nabih Berri’s phenomenon end in 2022 Parliamentary elections? So far, the available data shows the opposite.

Nabih Berri, in principle, will share the Shiite parliamentary seats with Hezbollah, except for one or two seats that will be acquired by the opposition forces in the Shiite political community. Therefore, Amal Movement and Hezbollah will nominate Berri again, compelling the rest of the parties to vote for him or accept his re-election, given that the sectarian pact dictates that.

Thus, the Shiite community will re-impose the strong Shiite as the Parliament Speaker. The problem here is not with the democratic game, but rather with cheating on this game. We all know, that weapons control certain areas in Lebanon. In such situation how can we rely on the election results in these areas?

Isn’t the illegal weapon a blow in itself to the electoral process? How does the Shiite person who objects the duo dare to express his opinion and vote freely as long as the glare of arms imposes itself in specific areas of Lebanon? And worst of all, is that the ruling and controlling system refused to approve the concept of Megacentres in voting, which kept the voters at the mercy of the de facto forces.

What democracy is the duo and the system talking about? Is there any democracy that meets with the presence of illegal weapons?

  • Sawt Beirut International