| 10 December 2023, Sunday |

While black market dollar keeps soaring, “spare wheel” is only option

Tires are the sole method for residents to go to work or conduct their daily business, and with the high cost of gasoline and replacement parts, the cost of tires has also become in fresh USD, so can the Lebanese citizen suffer a new expense if his vehicle or motorcycle’s wheel is punctured?

Lebanon’s roads, full of pits and potholes, are causing automobiles to become stopped at every intersection, and whomever manages to go through them the first time will almost likely not be able to do so the second time. The cost of wheels varies according to quality, and “spar wheel” is the only option.

As for the owners of shops selling and repairing tires, their situation is like all other sectors. There is no electricity, for example, to run their work. So, citizen, “however, the calamity in this country awaits you, until when will the Lebanese people remain steadfast in the face of all these hardships and calamities that they face daily?”

  • Sawt Beirut International