| 21 April 2024, Sunday |

Who will carry the fireball after Saad Hariri?

Lebanon entered the dark tunnel politically and economically, while the ruling parties have declared their complete failure and eliminated all international and Arab initiatives that intended to help.

Attention today is focused on what will happen after Saad Hariri’s resignation and how to deal with the collapse and mitigate its devastating consequences as much as possible.

It became obvious, that Hariri’s resignation was neither accompanied by an alternative plan, nor by an agreement on another figure, which would make the next task difficult for the political parties. However, searching for another figure to designate has begun.

Some parties started to promote a number of scenarios, the first of which was nominating Former Prime Minister Najib Mikati to take over the task, but sources reveal that Mikati didn’t express a desire to undertake this responsibility.

Of course, Mikati has set a series of considerations that are difficult to overcome. He is convinced that that the parties who refused to cooperate with Hariri, will not change their stance by cooperating with him. In addition to that, his previous experience with Aoun and his party was not encouraging and eventually led to the resignation of the government. The political relationship with the Free Patriotic Movement during the past years was not good, but rather there wasn’t any relation, and despite the major settlements that occurred at the time, Aoun did not nominate him.

As for Baabda, it began distributing messages in all directions. On Friday it insisted on easing the conflict with Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, but the latter insists on not repeating Hassan Diab’s experience, which means he does not want a government of one color and the French as well. The French Foreign Ministry had already called for the urgent need to designate an alternative Prime Minister, as well as setting a date for parliamentary consultations.

On the other hand, the name of the former Minister Mohammad Al Safadi is being circulated, who tweeted that some people deliberately distort the facts and distract public opinion with false and malicious rumors, stressing that he didn’t receive any phone call and did not communicate with anyone regarding his designation. He considered that today there is large need to find solutions to the intractable crises.

Currently, ambiguity surrounds the new assignment phase, while many scenarios are on the table, waiting for an agreement on a new alternative. Certainly, consultations will not take place before Eid al-Adha. This period will be an occasion for contacts between the blocs to agree on a new name to head the government. It is certain that the coming days will be difficult at the level of street movement, according to observers and analysts.

  • Sawt Beirut International