| 30 November 2022, Wednesday |

Will independents and changers come out in elections of committees?

Attention is drawn to the first entitlement after the election of the Speaker and the Bureau of the Parliament’s office, which is the election of the members of the parliamentary committees, their chairmen and rapporteurs.
It is expected that the session will constitute a precedent in terms of the mechanism used in the election, after it was conducted by consensus.

Did the representatives of the revolution, along with the independents and the political parties, reach a consensus on the battle of tomorrow?

According to the information, the forces of October 17 are heading to nominate Representative Mark Daou for the presidency of the Finance and Budget Committee, and Melhem Khalaf for the Administration and Justice Committee.

Najat Aoun on behalf of the Environment Committee, will these forces be able to impose themselves during the session?

If the session for electing committee members and chairmen will not be like its predecessors, and consensus will not be overwhelming. Rather, it is expected that it will witness constitutional and legal jurisprudence that was not raised in the history of Parliament.