| 24 February 2024, Saturday |

Will Syrian Lebanese change parliamentary elections’ scene?!

The parliamentary elections are near, and the battles between the political forces intensified, which began to reveal their last cards to achieve victory, and among the most prominent of these cards is the naturalized Syrians one. Statistics indicate that there are about 20,000 naturalized Syrians participating in the parliamentary elections, including 13,000 in the district of Zahle and the central Bekaa, and 3,500 in the Akkar district and scattered numbers distributed between the northern Metn and Beirut II. Of all these, there are 3,000 naturalized citizens residing in the vicinity of Damascus and its countryside and Jabal Al Arab are brought to Lebanon on the day of the parliamentary elections to vote in favor of specific lists.
It is known that these people, who have been living in Syrian territory for a long time, do not know Lebanon, and do not visit it until the day of the elections, as they wait for the instructions of the Syrian intelligence services that specify for them the lists to vote for in favor of their allies before they move to Lebanon
In any case, it is all permissible to guarantee posts and seats.. until May 15, anticipation will prevail, it is “either the state, or welcome to the statelet!”