| 29 May 2024, Wednesday |

Will the black dollar affect the ski season this year?

The ski season is expected to kick off next week, if the cold and snowfall continues on Monday and Tuesday.

The thickness of the snow on the ski slopes has approached 50 centimeters, and it needs 80 centimeters to open up to skaters.

But this year, the black dollar will affect the season severely, as the ticket price will be set in Lebanese pound but at the exchange rate of the dollar on the black market.

Sawt Beirut International was informed that the ticket price will range between $20 and $30, and it will be calculated every week according to the black market’s rate. The cost of one day for skiing, is approximately at $100.

But the problem is not here either, but rather in the cost of diesel fuel, and the operational cost of the tourist establishments, which raised the alarm.

Even the process of shoveling snow is threatened, however, the opening of the main roads is secured.

In any case, the ski season is bound to kick off with white snow overshadowing the black dollar. The season preparations have been finalized, so get ready.

  • Sawt Beirut International