| 15 April 2024, Monday |

Will the dialogue of the deaf succeed in the Republic of Lunatics?

It is a crazy week in every sense of the word, as citizens have witnessed an insane raise in fuel prices, bread, and dollar exchange rate, as well as madness in the street, and in the corridors of the collapsed Palace of the Republic.

In the midst of all this madness, a political gathering was held by President of the Republic Michel Aoun, in honor of the aspiring son-in-law to take over the collapse caliphate after him. All political leaders were invited to this party, some of them accepted the invitation, while others were absent for different arguments.

In the beginning, how does Michel Aoun invite to a dialogue table when he is unable to activate the last government in his era? How can he get distracted in sterile conversations when he is the ruler who is judged? Then how can a President of the Republic who says that he is strong gather all the parties when he is not able to gather his ministers around the government table.

Anyway, Aoun insists on calling for a dialogue, but if we ask about the content, what will they discuss?

Aoun and his team prioritize the issue of disrupting the government, and focus on the need of reaching a way out that brings the government together.

However, according to Sawt Beirut International sources, Baabda’s visitors today did not show a serious willingness to resolve the crisis, as long as the issue of the investigation of the Port of Beirut has not yet been resolved, which means the insistence of the Shiite duo and the Marada movement on their position. Oh justice, oh country…

But beyond the call for dialogue, what is hidden is greater, as the Baabda team seeks to remove responsibility from Aoun, under the pretext that the president tried repeatedly and did not succeed, or as they say: “The didn’t let us”.

In any case: Gentlemen, have mercy on the people for your illusory achievements, and understand that you are the problem in itself, so neither the quarrel benefits you, nor a deaf dialogue.

  • Sawt Beirut International