| 12 April 2024, Friday |

Would “change” cause people to abandon their “dream”?

How will the government rams end? Will the changers fail once again in their battle against the ruling and controlling political system? So far, it does not seem that the banner of change will be successful. The thirteen deputies are apparently unable to agree on a single name with which to fight their battle against Mikati. Note that the rest of the opposition forces approved the decision to the changers, which was evident in the clear position of the Lebanese Forces and the Progressive Socialist Party. But the problem is that the representatives who came in the name of change have not yet submitted a single name, which means that the battle is already lost.

Will the changers continue their policy that does not achieve any profit or gain? Will they continue to move from one loss to another, with what it means at the political and national levels? On the other hand, the Free Patriotic Movement and its head, Gebran Bassil, continue the process of blackmailing Najib Mikati, the most likely candidate to be tasked with forming the new government.

Mikati needs the Free Patriotic Movement to secure the Christian charter and the absolute majority of his government, and the movement is aware of this and therefore wants four ministries: Foreign Affairs, Justice, Energy and Environment. And Gibran Bassil personally wants the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as he wants the lion’s share of the administrative, military and judicial appointments… So will the “deal” of the pillars of the system be stronger than any change? But does the dream of change fall in front of the divisions, interactions and disagreements of the changers?

  • Sawt Beirut International