| 22 April 2024, Monday |

You are on a date with total darkness, are you ready?

Lebanon, on a date with complete darkness, as the Turkish company, Karpowership, which supplies Lebanon with electric power through ships, announced its supply suspension of Lebanon’s electricity,as the state did not pay for the dues. Thus, attention is directed to the generator subscriptions sector, as it is perhaps the only alternative, so will this sector be able to be the alternative for state electricity?

Abdel Nasser Al-Meer, owner of a generator subscriptions establishment, told “Sawt Beirut International” correspondent, Ghassan Farran, “electricity  was cut off in the past for over two weeks, for a period of 23 hours a day. We were able to cover, but we fell into deficit and faced malfunctions, but in the coming stage , if we face a large deficit, we will not be able to cover. ”

Owners of generators are always subject to many criticisms, especially in terms of raising subscription fees or what some call exploitation, so how do the owners of this sector view this issue? Regarding this matter,, Mir said, “Only God pleases his people . We can no longer satisfy our customers. The least price of any broken piece  is between 400 and 500 dollars, so if my profit is 10 million pounds a month, it means I  will pay all my profit for the price of the piece. ” The price of the turbo is 8 thousand dollars, and the oil, filter and all spare parts are in dollars, while the subscription fee is Lebanese.

So, Lebanon is on a date with an unprecedented crisis that plunges it into complete darkness, and the reason are dark rulers who practice the most insignificant types of bad governance. Will this be the reason for Lebanese awakening, or will the citizen still  elect his  leader by candlelight?