| 25 May 2024, Saturday |

In the news bulletin… Will the Russian-Ukrainian conflict turn into a third world war?

Whoever listens to the Secretary-General of Hezbollah in his interview yesterday will be assured that Hassan Nasrallah is not in contact with reality, or that the reality he sees is distorted…at least. It is true that he was speaking to Hezbollah’s TV station, meaning that the goal was to mobilize his street and raise its morale, but does this mean to turn the interview into a vivid embodiment of a reality denial?

The evidence for that are many, including his saying that the resistance today is stronger than ever before. Does Hassan Nasrallah really believe what he says? Did he forget, for example, what the situation of the resistance was like between 2000 and 2006?

In the 2000s, Israel withdrew and liberation was achieved, so the party monopolized the victory and registered liberation in its name. In 2006, he fought a war against Israel, so the Lebanese gathered around him, and pictures of Hassan Nasrallah were raised in many Arab countries. Today, The situation is the other way around. The majority of the Lebanese people do not support Hezbollah’s performance. The Lebanese who were burned by the fire of May 7, and by the behavior of the “black shirts” people, and who witnessed the incidents of Tayouneh and others similar incidents, are not with Hezbollah not with its Secretary General because the weapons were not directed against Israel but against them, and against their self-security, their families, and their properties.

Therefore, Nasrallah cannot brag as he did yesterday that the resistance’s audience is the largest in Lebanon. No, Mr. Secretary-General. You know that most Christians, Sunnis, and Druze, and a good portion of the Shiites want the Lebanese state, not a Hezbollah mini-state. From where did he came with the majority delusion? Then, what resistance is he talking about? Is it about a resistance that has not fired a single bullet at Israel since 2006 until today? Or about a resistance that has become synonymous with terrorism, not only among most countries of the world, but even among many Arab countries that were supportive in the July war? Mr. Secretary-General, review your past, and see the reality as it is, so that the truth will not be harsh and painful…

  • Sawt Beirut International