| 13 April 2024, Saturday |

In today’s News Bulletin, Bahaa Hariri to Associated Press: Hezbollah is the failed past, not Lebanon’s future

A country that hates its judiciary!

We are living in a country that does not want an independent judiciary, and a system that does not want justice. The most prominent evidence of what we are saying happened in the Parliament session yesterday. We’ve been hearing, since months, that the law of independent judiciary has been set on fire, and that it will be a priority on the agenda of any legislative session that takes place.

That’s what actually happened, but with a slight difference that including the law on the agenda was never to approve it, but rather to deport it for a month in principle, and until after the parliamentary elections in reality! How can the pillars of the system claim that they really want to pass the law, and those deputies didn’t inform the Minister of Justice and the Supreme Judicial Council about the final version of the draft law?

In order to complete the system’s targeting of the judiciary, MPs Ali Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zuaiter also filed yesterday before the General Assembly of the Court of Cassation a lawsuit against the state and Judge Fadi Eid, who is looking into a request to dismiss the Judicial Investigator  in the file of the Beirut port explosion Tarek Bitar, which was also submitted by them. This is the performance of the current deputies and the former ministers that has not and will not change.

They do not want the judicial investigator to continue his work, so why are they afraid of the truth and why are they obstructing the course of justice in this crude way? Meanwhile, the families of the victims are moving vigorously and steadily to prevent the removal of signs of the crime by opposing the demolition of Beirut’s silos.

How did their insolence reach the point of removing the features of the crime before reaching the truth? Let the pillars of the system be reassured, because removing the grain silos will not remove from people’s minds the signs of their negligence, complicity, and their continuing perpetual crime.

  • Sawt Beirut International