| 5 March 2024, Tuesday |

In Today’s news bulletin: What is Putin doing to Russia?

What is the Russian president doing? And is he really convinced that the world in the twenty-first century, is still the same as in previous centuries? In the past, it was possible for major countries or powerful ones, to attack small or weak states, colonizing them, annexing them, or imposing its guardianship on them. Today, it is still possible, of course, but things have become more complicated. In social media era, everything has become exposed, all plans are exposed, and everything that happens in a small spot of the world, is watched by the whole world. And thus, the nature of battles and wars has changed, and conflicts have acquired a new character, that is not necessarily military. For war, especially if a large country declares it against a small one, creates a state of sympathy for the weak country, so the aggressor country loses the war even before it even begins! Perhaps this is what is happening with Putin’s Russia today. It possesses the element of superiority on land, sea and air, and it possesses nuclear power, while Ukraine is free of nuclear weapons, yet almost the entire world sympathizes with Ukrainian President Zelensky, and demonizes his Russian counterpart Putin. The Western world has also begun to impose harsh economic sanctions on Russia, followed by harsher economic sanctions that will make the Russian economy isolated from all the economies of the Western world. So, how will the new Tsar face the global embargo? And has the world lured him into a trap he fell into, and drowned in the Ukrainian moving sands? There is no doubt that Putin is embarking on a great adventure. For sure he is taking on the strongest and harshest adventure since he came to power, nearly twenty years ago. So will he succeed in it and restore the glory of the Russian Empire and the strength of the Soviet Empire, or will he withdraw and lose, so that it will be the beginning of his end? The battle of Kiev is at the door… The answer is not far away.

  • Sawt Beirut International