| 27 February 2024, Tuesday |

In today’s news bulletin… Will Belarus’ negotiations be the last attempt before the Big Bang?

Most things in Lebanon are unbelievable, and most of what is said in the media does not at all reflect the truth and reality, especially when it comes to Hezbollah and its slogans.

Remember well what happened when Israel withdrew from the south in 2000. At that time, Israel announced its withdrawal from Lebanon, which logically meant, in one way or another, that the party’s weapons were no longer needed. But whoever controls the party and whoever finances it, was not satisfied with this result, so he invented the issue of Shebaa Farms and Kfar Shuba Hills. Thus, under the guise of strategic need, decision-makers were able to preserve Hezbollah’s weapons. All this for the sake of a few kilometers of Lebanese land, which has no natural resources.

Every now and then, the party starts talking about the importance of Shebaa Farms and its strategic dimensions. On the other hand, around three ago, talk began about the 23 and 29 marine lines, and how Lebanon abandoned the second line in its negotiations, knowing that it includes large marine areas rich in gas and perhaps other oil derivatives. Nevertheless, the party did seem to care about this issue, as if the matter did not concern it.

What is the difference between land and sea borders? Why does Hezbollah claim that it is keen on every inch of the land border, while it does not say a word about the disputed maritime borders? The reason is simple. Hezbollah is only interested in its weapons, and it has taken advantage of the Shebaa Farms, to suspend the decision to hand its weapons over to the Lebanese state. So, who still believes Hezbollah?


  • Sawt Beirut International