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News Bulletin 10th March 2021

  • A new political message via “motorcycles”, sent this time by the Presidential Palace
  • Gasoline bombing expected, smuggling and monopoly are continuing, and the crisis to hit ‘worst case scenario’ levels
  • Who protects journalists and activists from the heirs of the Syrian regime in the Lebanese security cellars?

Roads have been unblocked. Now how and why did roads open again? And most importantly, what would we expect? In fact, what happened was beyond logic. The main intention was to energize the revolution through the “Monday of anger”. The tension that the Lebanese population is experiencing with the authorities has exploded, another reason to throw a ” Tuesday of anger” and perhaps “Wednesday of anger”, if not every single day of the week.

However, all of a sudden, movements turned upside down on Wednesday morning, when a decision was taken regarding the opening of all roads in order to put an end to the disobedience that exploded across streets. Did the uprising fail? There is no doubt that the number of people who flocked to the streets was vulnerable and less than expected. With a greater response of demonstrators, the days of anger would have escalated, but there is a hidden part of the story. Upon orders delivered by authorities, members were sent to streets among protesters to make a disturbance and create acts of vandalism, which negatively affected the bright image of the uprising,  and resulted in answering the army’s request and withdrawing from the street temporarily. Let us say it again. “Temporarily”.  Authorities should not believe to have achieved victory in taking such a step. This “week of anger” proved that the spirit of the revolution will never die, and that what kicked off on October 17, 2019 was just the beginning that doesn’t know the end.

Very soon, the Corrupt Political Class that broke Lebanon will witness a radical change starting with rulers to its system of government. War leaders are not suitable for building peace nor shaping a transparent state.

The “Monday of anger” is over, but “days of anger” are yet to come. Days that will discharge all corrupt leaders.

  • Sawt Beirut International