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Sawt Beirut International News Bulletin – April 12, 2021

In today’s news bulletin:

  • Electricity networks fall at the mercy of hundreds of thieves, and there is no alternative, darkness over darkness
  • Half of the families are below the poverty line, and the post-Ramadan period does not bode well.
  • President is king and artist Asaad Rashdan will keep the photos until the end of the era.

A new week, but nothing new in terms of forming a government, on the contrary. What happened last week further complicated the formation process, as the visits of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Egypt and the Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States did not achieve any breach. Rather, the President’s team increased their adherence to their positions.

The circles of Baabda considered that the Arab group is biased and that it adopts the viewpoint of the prime minister designate more than it adopts the government proposals of President Michel Aoun.

Thus, the government issue returned to square one or even to point zero, it is noteworthy that the relationship between the two parties concerned with the formation process is almost completely cut off, as there are no meetings, no communication, or contacts. Evidence that the two sides accept that there is no possibility of a breach based on an internal political dynamic. Consequently, they are betting on something that is happening regionally or internationally that could turn the equation and open the door to the formation process. Therefore, it is possible to rely on the visit of the US Under Secretary of State two days later to Beirut, as well as the European sanctions that may be imposed after the nineteenth of this month, the date of the meeting of the European Union foreign ministers.

At this time, the Minister of Public Works in the caretaker government, Michel Najjar, announced that he had signed the mark 6433 related to the demarcation of the border, and he still needs the prime minister’s signature after the Minister of Defense Zeina Aker signed. Will Hassan Diab sign the decree after Michel Najjar threw the fireball in his direction?

Parallel to the advanced position announced by Patriarch Al-Rai in his Sunday sermon, calling for giving priority to forming the government instead of criminal scrutiny, this position followed the supporters of the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah, who launched a cyberattack on the Patriarch and his positions, which proves once again that the intention to disrupt is still present.

The Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah are actively seeking to fabricate imaginary battles aimed at diverting attention from the main issue at hand, which is the formation of the government.

May God protect Lebanon and the people of Lebanon from political forces that want to change its regime at any cost, even if that is at the expense of the nation’s stability, people’s lives and their subsistence.

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